Elgato Avea Flare Review


Durable, water resistant materials and a sleek, featherweight design merge in perfect harmony, resulting in the Elgato Avea Flare lamp. An unparalleled device for outdoor use, the lamp leaves much to be desired when it comes to its capabilities as a purported smart, indoor light fixture.

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THE GOOD / Water resistant, lightweight and durable, the Avea Flare is battery-powered and able to operate in places where many lamps simply cannot. In a tent or by a pool, these notable characteristics make the lamp an exemplary product for outdoor enthusiasts as well as for those who travel frequently.

THE BAD / Promoted as a smart lamp, the Avea Flare is capable of wireless connectivity but does not have the means to execute up-to-the-minute tech functions such as interacting with home automation devices. The small stature, on the other hand, is great for outdoors but not practical for indoors.

THE BOTTOM LINE / At one point in time, a light fixture could be rated as a leading-edge product merely because it may have flashed copious amounts of tinted light. Today, light fixtures and lamps are held to a higher standard before reaching a state-of-the-art status. The smart light industry is booming and the competition is fierce. Essentially, if you are seeking a connected lamp for camping or lounging poolside, the Avea Flare is a top contender. Alternatively, for indoor application, there are masses of truly smart lamps of a higher caliber than the Avea Flare.





The Avea Flare lamp is a modestly sized fixture of 6 x 6 x 8.7 inches with an incredibly light weight of 1.2 pounds. Both portable and durable, convenience was at the forefront of the model’s representation. Striving to invent a mobile and long-lasting fixture, the developers of the Avea Flare opted to use a thick plastic material in forming the lamp. Because of this, the Flare is less likely to be damaged during transportation. As the lamp is intended for both indoor and outdoor use, the Flare is prepared for exposure to Mother Nature as a certified IP65 water resistant item.

A flat base allows the Flare lamp to sit on any surface while the dome shaped top maximizes light output. A frosty white color is prominent as the lamp sits unattended, though the body of the lamp also reflects the color of the projected light. Intended to be moved from location to location, the design of the Flare is versatile enough for modern or contemporary dwellings.

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Setup & Packaging

If the thought of piecing together a lamp is unappealing, rejoice in the ease of the Avea Flare lamp. Immediately after removing the lamp from its uncomplicated packaging, it is ready to be synced with your phone or smart device. It is important to note that this lamp must be controlled through an app and the app is not available on all devices. If you do not have a newer model Apple or Samsung Galaxy device, your experience with this lamp will be drastically hindered.

For those who are able to access the Elgato Avea app in the Apple or Android app store, a quick download and installation will be necessary. Unlike other smart lamps, this product cannot connect to home automation devices or existing hubs which requires the device equipped with the app to remain within 30 feet of the lamp to function properly. If the device is within range of the lamp, you will then be able to remotely control the light displayed.

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The Avea Flare employs a 100-240 volt rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery. This single battery holds a charge for up to eight hours of continuous use. When the battery is low, recharging is a breeze with the Flare lamp’s pioneering wireless charging capability. With a full charge, the lamp has an output of 450 lumens or 7 LED watts. Equal to an incandescent bulb of 40 watts, the Avea Flare generates an unambitious, subdued shine. The low light supply is conducive to mood lighting.

While undoubtedly not the Cadillac of smart lamps in terms of technology, the Avea lamp is able to sync with iPhones (4S and beyond), iPods (3rd generation and newer models), the latest Apple watches and Samsung Galaxy devices operating with Bluetooth Smart Ready Android 5 or later. Those who are clinging to older model Apple or Samsung Galaxy devices will be unable to download the app; the same can be said of those who own other brands.

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