Shade The Orb Review

Eco-friendly and cutting-edge are terms that do not often go hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to products in the tech industry. With a concentration on both of these factors; however, The Orb by Shade completely alters the expectations of smart lighting fixtures of the future.

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Editor's choice

THE GOOD / Robust light and an ingenious use of up-to-the-minute technology ensures a sincerely clever lighting experience, while a built in eco-friendly mode makes green living a breeze. A wall switch, physical controller and an app also contribute to the experience by catering to the user’s control preference.

THE BAD / An unconventionally modest size and rounded shape prevents The Orb’s light from expanding across large rooms. Due to the physical proportions, it will be necessary to purchase and install two or more fixtures in rooms that call for a great deal of useful luminosity which is quite an investment.

THE BOTTOM LINE / The pint-sized Orb by Shade may be overlooked by many who are seeking a smart light fixture because of its modernistic appearance and small size. While the Orb light is too minuscule to light a large room, the technology packed into the fixture demands attention. With three options for controlling the light and fresh concepts, The Orb fulfills needs that other smart lights have neglected. Along with the crisp white light and fully customizable RGB hues, investing in more than one fixture to light vast spaces is money well spent.





The revolutionary light by Shade, known simply as The Orb, is a lamp that consists of eight different, circular layers. With these layers sandwiched together, the body of the lamp takes on a saucer-like shape. This sleek shape is deceptively simple and does not reveal the various complexities that lie within. The top and bottom halves are made up of a white polymer material while the middle section is also white polymer, though outlined with a copper colored anodized aluminum. Attached to the top of the light, a braided nylon cord is in place to allow the light to dangle securely when hung from the ceiling.

At 5.1in x 1.6in, The Orb is overly modest for a ceiling style light fixture. Its meager stature and futuristic design makes it suitable for spaces such as bedrooms or offices, though not quite appropriate for kitchens or living rooms. In terms of design arrangements, The Orb seems most likely to appease contemporary and modern tastes.

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Setup & Packaging

The Orb by Shade has not yet hit the market but developers have focused on designing a smart light fixture that places eco-friendly technology and convenience at the forefront. Because of this focus, The Orb is expected to be packaged in environmentally responsible packaging while also being a “plug and play” model. Immediately after removing The Orb by Shade from the box, it can be plugged in and powered on. Numerous settings will be accessible instantaneously, including an eco-friendly mode.

A wall switch and physical controller will be included with the light to enhance the user experience. The Orb, like other smart lights, will also be compatible with smart devices through the use of an easily downloaded app. The option to connect the light to an app, while also providing the options of both a wall switch and a physical controller will offer owners an almost unprecedented level of flexibility in the world of smart lighting.

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Shade’s Orb light consists of multiple LEDs that generate 1900 lumens of illumination- the equivalent of a 140 Watt incandescent bulb. These LEDs produce a range of 2500-5600K of white light in addition to a full spectrum of RGB light. In spite of The Orb’s many LEDs, you will never have to worry about replacing the LED bulbs as they are expected to last 50,000 hours (that’s about 30 years of typical usage). With the hassle of bulb replacement out of the way, you are free to explore the smart capabilities of The Orb by Shade. Some of the most impressive include the light’s smart scheduling and vacation modes which enable the light to learn your schedule and then mimic it while you are away to give the impression that the home is being occupied as usual.

If you choose to change the lighting while you are away, however, simply use the app on an iPhone 5 (or newer model) or on any device equipped with Android Bluetooth LE.

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