Witti Design Notti Review


The Notti Lamp by Witti is a remarkable work of art that is almost sculpture-like at first glance and powering the device on only further transforms the piece into a colorful, live display. Sadly, it appears as if the lamp’s creators spent too much time on design and not quite enough on performance.

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Editor's choice

THE GOOD / A modest sized lamp, the Notti model is a quintessential commodity for your bedside nightstand. The Notti’s quirky style coupled with countless IFTTT recipe notification possibilities and an alarm light feature make for an entertaining and artistic display piece.

THE BAD / The Notti lamp is able to sync with smart devices through the use of an app or Bluetooth technology, but it is not a truly smart device. Taking into consideration the extremely low light output and the short span of operation time before recharging is mandated, this lamp is very impractical.

THE BOTTOM LINE / The faint, colorful glow of Witti’s Notti light revives nostalgic memories of fiber optic lamps that were prominently showcased in homes around the country in the 1980s. Like the Notti, they were fun to look at temporarily but served no real purpose at the end of the day. As a bedside novelty lamp or an artsy knickknack, the Notti lamp, with its affordable price tag, is surely worthy of consideration. Considering the Notti by Witti as a primary lighting source or as an alternative to a real smart lamp is almost laughable.





With dimensions of 100 x 75 x 60 MM, the Notti lamp is considerably smaller than traditional lamps. The compact size is adequate for a lamp that is intended for use as a novelty or bedside lamp. A wide rectangular base leads to stability while the upper-body of the lamp is slanted with sharp, diagonal lines to give the product a polygon inspired, angular presence in any location.

Created with a thick plastic, the nominal material used to bring the lamp to life is reflective of its bargain price. Aside from a pronounced “W”, denoting the Witti brand, the lamp in its unpowered state is artistic white in color. While functioning, the lamp takes on the color of the light being showcased; making it an ever-changing piece of art in addition to a convenient fixture. The clear-cut, sharp lines of the lamp align accordingly with modern, contemporary and otherwise unconventional concepts.

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Setup & Packaging

The Notti light is packaged in a black, eco-friendly box. After carefully removing the light, the packaging itself is intended to be manipulated into an iPhone stand. Instructions for morphing the packaging material into a phone stand are included. In the same convenient fashion, the light is completely intact and requires no further physical assembly after unveiling the device.

Prior to moving forward with the technical installation, charging the lamp is advised. To do so, locate the white mini-USB cord enclosed within the box and connect it to the charging port located directly on the lamp. After charging is complete, download the Notti app on an Android or iPhone device. Opening the app will allow you to sync the fixture with your smart device. This step will also grant access to the more in-depth features that the light offers, including a custom color displays.

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With a maximum 3W LED output and a short battery life of 5 hours, the Notti lamp produces a dim light that one would expect from a lamp of this size. It does, however, have the ability to sync with smart devices including those with Android or iOS7 (or higher) operating systems through the Notti app or via Bluetooth. By connecting to a device, the light can be customized with IFTTT recipes to flash a specific color to alert the device owner to incoming calls, messages or social media activity.

Around 16 million tones allow users to dream up endless notification patterns in addition to customizable lighting schemes that sync up with music. Similarly, the light has an alarm feature built in to the app which enables the light to gradually increase until you wake. The light has a wireless range of around 49 feet, meaning if the smart device is far away, the lamp is unable to detect notifications.

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